2012-2017: Sitka Fellows Program was seven-week residency for frame-busting visionaries from any discipline — from entrepreneurship to poetry, physics to linguistics — around the country and world. 39 alums. Alums have proceeded to do many cool things, from found and direct the Uncommon Music Festival in Sitka, to write a Pulitzer-nominated play. After six years, SFP was sunsetted, or at least "deep paused," because we were not able to achieve reliable financial sustainability.

2014-2017: Trans-Alaska Trail is a project to open public access along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline right-of-way and create an 800-mile, Arctic-to-Pacific, hike-bike-or-ski multiuse recreation destination trail. The project is paused until there's better federal-state political alignment and/or the inevitability of DR&R becomes more real. Relevant docs: master chronology; prospectus; board of advisors; permitting roadmap (State of Alaska); 64-mile Valdez-to-Tonsina pilot-segment management plan; 800-mile route analysis.

2015-2016: Co-visioned with Sally Helm and Emily Kwong, Alaska Radio Workshop is an eight-week practicum that will train students in long-form radio production. The program architecture is mostly built, and relationships with prospective faculty established (including high flyers at This American Life, etc.). We're in a holding pattern till a core team emerges with the bandwidth to launch and administer the program for the long run.