2014-present: Alaska Fellows Program (master chronology) is a nine-month residential public service program that started in Sitka and has since expanded to Anchorage and Juneau. In September 2020, we'll expand to Fairbanks, and our statewide class of fellows will grow from 22 to 30.

2015-present: Muskeg Home: building a house on — above, rather — a swampy, waterlogged, otherwise unremarkable piece of land in Sitka. (The muskeg-yness is the charm IMO.) Here's where, what things looked like at the start (no joke), the vision for the home, and where we're at now (to come).

2015-present: Outer Coast (College) (master chronology) is a two-year college in the making, partly modeled after Deep Springs College. Presently Outer Coast runs a five-week Summer Seminar and, starting fall 2020, a year-long gap-year program. The college is set to open fall 2022.

2020-present: Covid Act Now is a COVID-19 disease intelligence platform that projects infections, hospitalizations, and deaths on a state- and county-specific basis to help policymakers and Americans make the best possible decisions to save lives and minimize disruption to our economy and society. Over 2% of the American public visited the site within 72 hours of its launch and numerous governors (Gov. Whitmer, Gov. Beshear, e.g.) have publicly cited Covid Act Now modeling.