2014-present: Alaska Fellows Program (master chronology) is a nine-month residential public service program that I started in Sitka and that has since expanded to Anchorage and Juneau. In September 2021, we expanded to Fairbanks. More in this [Alaska Journal of Commerce article](https://www.alaskajournal.com/2021-12-01/small-growing-fellowship-program-aims-combat-alaskas-brain-drain-0). I started Alaska Fellows Program and now serve on its board.

2015-present: Outer Coast (College) (master chronology) is a two-year college in the making, partly modeled after Deep Springs College. Presently Outer Coast runs postsecondary academic programming year round, as we lay the groundwork to open the accredited two-year college. The college proper is set to open fall 2024. I helped start Outer Coast and now serve on its board.

2020-present: Act Now Coalition (née Covid Act Now) started as a COVID-19 disease intelligence platform that projects infections, hospitalizations, and deaths on a state- and county-specific basis to help policymakers and Americans make the best possible decisions to save lives and minimize disruption to our economy and society. >2% of the American public visited Covid Act Now within 72 hours of its launch, and numerous governors (Gov. Whitmer, Gov. Beshear, e.g.) used and publicly cited Covid Act Now modeling. We've since rebranded as the Act Now Coalition and broadened our scope to do work across different domains, including climate. One of our recent partnerships was helping Rewiring America with their electrification data analysis and visualizations, and another was with the WHO analyzing global COVID data. I helped started Act Now Coalition and now serve on its board.