2009-2010: Formed at Yale, Indigo Trio twice toured through rural Alaska. (I play cello.) The tours were in part made possible by the Harper Arts Touring Fund.

2010: Baranof glacial retreat analysis was a project to record the baseline terminus data of five Baranof Island glaciers and use historic satellite imagery to determine how much they'd rereated. I got the GPS measurements with my buddy Eli Bildner. Ben Hughey, a high school friend and GIS whiz, did the actual hard work of crunching the data for one of the five glaciers.

2010-2011: Ojos del Salado geodesy was a project/adventure to measure the respective Chilean and Argentine summits of Ojos del Salado to determine which was taller (Argentina wins by 31 cm). Along the way, we discovered a mysterious red lake in the summit crater of El Muertito — altitude 5,800 meters/19,000 feet — mediated by unknown processes (a return trip to properly investigate is in order). Support generously provided by Chase Coggins Memorial Fund and UNAVCO.

2012-2020: SFAC historic restoration program was basically Habitat for Humanity meets the National Historic Landmark Sheldon Jackson Campus meets 20-somethings having the summers of their lives. In some summers the work crew has been been as large as 20. The program was capably administered by Sitka Fine Arts Camp until it met its untimely demise with COVID come 2020.

2015-2017: "Fish 101: A Crash Course in Alaska Fisheries" came about after spending several years laboring to make sense of the impenetrable jargon that is Alaska fisheries policy. I got tired of it and rallied a few friends to write an A-to-Z guide to Alaska fish and fisheries in the plain American that cats and dogs can read. Support generously provided by SASAP and Stanford Haas Center for Public Service.

2015-2022: The "Shennett community" began when I bought a muskeg-y, waterlogged lot and slowly developed it over the subsequent years, having a house built of my own amateur design. While I did a poor job documenting its progress, it's mostly done. Along the way, in 2019, I bought the only adjoining lot on the cul-de-sac street, which is home to a duplex, which I subsequently renovated. (Oh, and there's also a tiny house in the mix!) I now low-key manage a small community across these dwellings.